Salon Policies

Salon Policies

If your dog was sick or had diarrhoea or vomiting in past month please notify us at the time of making an appointment.  

You must let us know that your female dog is in heat so that the grooming session can be organised at the time where there is no male dogs around.

Late show ups - if we are not notified, we will wait for 30 min from the scheduled appointment time, after 30 min the appointment will be given to another dog and will be classified as a no-show.

No show/Cancellation policy - we require notice to cancel or re-schedule your appointment. In the event where no notice is given within 24hrs or client does not show up, we will charge a "short notice/no-show" cancellation fee of €20 per dog. This is payable when dropping off your dog for their next grooming appointment.

If dog is agressive or difficult to groom additional fee may be incurred due to extra time and effort required to complete grooming procedure. 

We Do Not sedate dogs for grooming, if your dog requires sedation please visit your Veterinary hospital for this service and let us know in advance.

Please be aware if using anti flea drops on the dogs, washing a dog within 48 hours of using the drops may reduce their effectiveness. Try to schedule the grooming session after 48 hours of using the drops.

We only take fully vaccinated puppies for a groom. Puppy must have all of its vaccines done and 2 weeks must have passed after the last vaccine for it to be eligible for a groom

During the grooming procedure if your dog displays aggressive behaviour towards the groomer you will be called to collect your dog.

We expect respectful behaviour from all parties. We reserve the right to refuse a customer or dog.

It must be clearly understood and agreed that whilst every care and attention is given to your dogs(s) they are accepted at the owner’s risk