Grooming FAQ

Reasons to Groom a Dog

There are many reasons why any dog should be groomed on regular basis

  • Regular grooming promotes healthier skin and coat.
  • Regular grooming allows eliminating parasites.
  • Professional groomers will pick-up any skin abnormalities that may need veterinary attention.
  • Dog nails are clipped to correct length, which eliminates nail damage. Dogs with long nails can often get stuck in the carpeted surfaces, which leads to pulling out the nail completely (the trip to the veterinary hospital is required in these cases).
  • Regular grooming leaves you with an attractive clean, happy dog that loves being handled and groomed.
  • Grooming removes matted coat from the dog, which can cause infections on the skin

Bringing dog for Grooming

  • Bring your dog for its daily constitutional
  • Inform the groomer of any medications or any ongoing health problems e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, heart problems etc.
  • Ring in advance if your bitch has gone into heat. More suitable arrangement can be made to avoid male dogs.
  • Don’t feed your dog with big meal before brining the dog for grooming.
  • Always bring your dog in on a lead.