Post Surgery Gowns -

Post Surgery Gowns for Cats and Dogs


Gowns are available in 7 sizes for dogs and 1 universal size for cats.

Gowns are used by many veterinary clinics in different countries, who see them as invaluable aid in post surgical care.

The post surgical gowns have many benefits:

They are suitable for using as a bandage after surgeries on animal’s abdomen, sides and chest (spaying/neutering, hernia repairs)

They prevent surgical wound getting infected, animal licking or scratching the wound, or pulling out the stitches. Gowns reduces need for wearing the cones

Gowns can be used on animals with rashes or dermatitis to prevent animal scratching/licking the problematic areas

Gowns are made from 100% cotton. They allow full air circulation, helping the healing process. Gowns can be washed and re-used if needed. Material used for the gowns is medically certified

The design and shape of each gown size has beed designed and tested by manufacturer since 2005. The shape of each gown is made to fit an animal correctly. The design of the gowns is patented.